I’m Kathy. I’m passionate about good food that is prepared lovingly with fresh, healthful ingredients.

I believe anyone can plan, prep, and cook for themselves on a regular basis, which is no easy feat in New York City. I believe that dinner can be an event on any weeknight.

I taught myself to cook by leafing through cookbooks, poring over my new issues of Bon Appetit, and most importantly, tinkering around in the kitchen and trying new things. I'm not classically trained, but through years of experimentation and hosting dinner parties, have developed a pragmatic approach to meal planning, grocery shopping and cooking.

I live in Brooklyn and teach science at a public school in South Williamsburg. With Tutorial to Table, I've combined my knowledge and experience as a teacher with my love for food. I hope you'll invite me into your kitchen to show you how to meal plan, grocery shop without generating waste, and cook more regularly and healthfully.