Autumn: Hosting a Dinner Party

I love hosting dinner parties. I love bringing people together over food and wine, and filling their bellies with a good meal and partaking in interesting conversation. But, how does the host make the event look so effortless? How are all the courses prepared ahead of time, how do you plan for the right amount of servings, what goes on the grocery list, and how do you create a meal that pairs together and suits different types of palates?

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Winter: details coming soon

With the weather getting colder, our thoughts turn towards hearty root vegetables and comforting stews. Stay tuned for more information.

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Spring: details coming soon

The first signs of life start peeking through the frosty ground, and the bright sun warms even the coldest corners. We'll spring into the items of the season, and how to combine them into great dishes. Stay tuned for more information.

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